5 AM Power in the Dark

The endless echoes that surrounded me led me to believe it was all a dream but also something desperately worth remembering upon waking.

Separate instances in the vault

Now and forevermore, coming soon

Some of that real-deal right-path shit

The extra layer of dazzle

Riding the dynamic vortex between The Sirens and Ulysses

The friction and grit of cosmic incoherence

My ticket to the hyperstation spoken of in Daydream Nation

All facets, all faces, across the arrow of time

The startup chime of father circuitry

I conjured you out of darkness to lay waste to this reality

Cantor Dust

Our progress report through the veil

Soft undulations of humming and focused breath

The subtle but mindful shift that finally brings it all into alignment

Twelve rudeboys say hi

The Finest Needle in the Haystack

Still searching but I did find some of these along the way…

Residual wreckage

The third choice for a shotgun assassin

Charisma behind shark eyes

Hunger for candied apples

Days of long thought

Directions dug up from the memory banks

Swimming atop fearsome depths

Interzone commute

The paths grown too wild to maintain

Puzzling flirtations over Fangoria

Structural integrity of sandcastles

Correct before collapse

Pizza stutter-step

Satiated but starved by dreams too small

The momentum to keep you aloft

Maximal efforts toward opening boxes and checking in on cats

Raw numbers

Bending reality with observation

The beautiful smile at the edge of oblivion

Days lost to malaise

Shifting computation to a more efficient domain

Translation along an axis

The calculatory system overlying everything

The untethered diving bell plumbing the depths of solitude with no intent to surface

Keeping the basket mesh free of debris

Indulging the ecstasy of destruction

Ridiculous but not pathetic

Follow the fractal down

Snuggle visions

Archetypal Magick and Image Loading Techniques

Everything can be art if you stare long enough.

Ludicrous machinations

Fish oil and positive thinking

Autopilot to the bottom of the sea

Crisp and gentle Tokyo air

Lonely fantasies, your specialty

Hope more

Grains of experience form islands of repetition

The sun on the other side of time

Reason vs Romance

Frequency receptors attuned to her sonic touch

Monet’s garden was prettier than his art

Lips and fingertips channel magic between mediums

Delicious reverie

Pulse train brain

Opening up the sensation limiter

Action removes obstacles

Each day, it becomes more habit than chore

Unconscious Orchestration

I can’t see the conductor but it sounds fantastic.

Occupy reality generation

Low-key high productivity

Skin collaboration

Mode set to chill

Transition artist

Intuition : Cognition :: GPU : CPU

Meta-cognitive nurturing

The varied paths between 0 and 1

Holograms of Panic and Calm

Who’s to say what is and isn’t real any more? You had asked to borrow my lab notes, here they are:

The wordbox on your shoulders

Immediate state change

The desire of elegant simplicty

Ornamental greeble

Having to open Schrödinger’s box yet again

Collapsing on autopilot


Allegorical experiments

Perseverance beyond all reason

A farewell before waking

Zoning out and tuning in

We’ve seen it all before

Skilled at eyecraft

Psychically clumsy

Oblique dramaturgies

Pure Acceleration

I’m in a weird limbo at the moment but I’m still broadcasting from the other side.

Thinking about thinking less

The oddest flower can be the most entrancing

Shocking deltas

Pump Up the Volume into the Abyss

Ship rips

Weeding out the misfires

Flesh piston

A spine on both sides

Idea farming

Quantum correctness

Choral integrity

Hidden bliss

Prismic gradients

Intolerable sensitivity

Drake and his equation

Dipping the tip

A mild winder

What’s the difference between sweet rain and slow motion?

Everything begins with the bass and the drums

Some Archived WRFL Radio Shows

WRFL is the University of Kentucky’s student radio station here in Lexington and it has played a significant role in my life over the years since it first started back when I was in high school. I had a weekly radio show there from 2006 to 2016 and also served for a while as the RPM/Dance Playbox Director. Five years of that run were an all-vinyl Dubstep show called The Subset (from 2006 – 2011).

I recently have been going back and listening to some of my old shows and thought it might be fun to share some of them. Also, it’s an exercise to exorcise some of my perfectionist demons. Until now, I’ve never shared any of my shows because I’ve been too embarrassed of my mistakes in mixing but I’m realizing that it is important to also acknowledge my successes so there you are. I may add more in the future but, for now, here’s one from almost exactly 10 years ago.

The Subset July 8, 2009 (10PM – Midnight):

Click here to download

Also, earlier this year, Brian Connors Manke invited me to guest on his Alumni Show so I thought it would be fun to throw that up here too. It’s a decent representation of a bunch of the other genres that I’m into.

Alumni Show January 1, 2019 (Noon – 2PM):

Click here to download

Push Pins on a Spatiotemporal Map

Markers and snapshots of my progress across the territory

Delicate warming

Blind, chasing light

Fantasy and longing

And yet, for a dream of her attentive eye, you’d throw so many other dreams away

Rabbit tracks in the fresh snow

She was an idea junky with esoteric, refined knowledge

Blooming in my bloodstream

The loneliness engine

The impulse travels and the hand grabs

Expand your abilities on the periphery

Deadzones and dirtmaps

We exchanged exquisite glances and my cynicism died a little bit