Downtown Selector Year One

I wanted to celebrate my second year of living in Manhattan with another mix that pulls tracks from my entire life so far (now that I have a significant portion of my record collection here). Songs that I discovered this year sit back-to-back with songs that I loved jamming in elementary school, mixed with a little bit of everything else in between. A summary of the past as a mirror held up to the future to shine a light forward.

Mixed live on the second anniversary of my move.

Download MP3 (better quality than the Soundcloud embed below)


  1. Brave Irene – No Fun
  2. The Dickies – Nights in White Satin
  3. Cheap Trick – Oh Caroline
  4. Velvet Gentleman – Consume
  5. No Age – Depletion
  6. Reagan Youth – USA
  7. The Drums – I Need Fun in My Life
  8. The Cure – Jumping Someone Else’s Train
  9. The Radio Dept – You’re Not in Love
  10. The Magnetic Fields – The Village in the Morning
  11. Carla Dal Forno – Mind You’re On
  12. Cranes – Jewel (Robert Smith Remix)
  13. Pickle Darling – King of Joy
  14. Yumi Zouma – Hey Now!
  15. Culture Club – Time (Clock of the Heart)
  16. Lavarr the Starr – Glass Top Roof (The One)
  17. Free Nationals – Beauty & Essex (feat. Daniel Ceasar & Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
  18. Surprise Chef – Spiky Boi
  19. Real Bad Man – Dig It Up (feat. Boldy James & Kool G Rap)
  20. Freddie Gibbs – FBC
  21. House of Pain – On Point (Lethal Dose Remix)