WRFL RPM Chart & Adds

This week’s Chart

  1. Ethan GlassMolten Chore (Saturate)
  2. NochexxxPlot Defender (Type)
  3. Alison WonderlandRun (Astralwerks)
  4. ClarkFlame Rave (Warp)
  5. Flava DMore Love (self-released)
  6. S-TypeSV8 (LuckyMe)
  7. LapaluxLustmore (Brainfeeder)
  8. MachinedrumMovin’ Forward: A Tribute to DJ Rashad (self-released)
  9. JlinDark Energy (Planet Mu)
  10. Dorian ConceptJoined Ends Remixes (Ninja Tune)

This week’s Adds

Goodness, Island’s debut EP is fire. Martin Gore’s new album (as MG) is far better than I was expecting it to be. While the album of collaborations from Gábor Lázár & Mark Fell is certainly a challenging listen at times, it definitely pays off. The title alone had me hooked.

  • IslandNokia (Crazylegs)
  • MGMG (Mute)
  • Gábor Lázár & Mark FellThe Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making (The Death of Rave)