Thought Granola

I went back through the past week or so of things that I’ve written or thought about (journals, writing exercises, obsessions, etc) and collected bits and pieces that jumped out at me for whatever reason.  No purpose or implied meaning in the collection or order, just scraps left on the table that might be useful at some point in the future…

Its worth is in what it allows you to do

Let’s open another case and get down to business

“Fantasy, fantasy,” I keep telling myself

Everything slid into slow motion as I leaned in

See you there, back then, or tomorrow

Little struggles toward maximal results

Wavefields shifting in real-time

Shaken nerves soothed by soft coos and whispers

Sixteen whistles blow in the early morning

An orchestra of cardigans caught up in a tape loop

My brain talking to itself in a time soup

A soft explosion in my skull

Those paths left behind though…

As strangers again, in a sense

Silence is content too

When you think of light as a wave

The veil is transparent but tactile too

There’s been a lot of discussion about the beast lately

A group with a single member

Devising clever edge case scenarios

A pinpoint supernova of creativity and thought

Sweet victory and bitter defeat share the same digestive tract

Probability Signature

Seemingly random flashing lights fading together into a sea of noise

Hop Progress

Baby, couldn’t we just escape all this nonsense together?

Incriminating raw thoughts

Time as a field or vector