Archetypal Magick and Image Loading Techniques

Everything can be art if you stare long enough.

Ludicrous machinations

Fish oil and positive thinking

Autopilot to the bottom of the sea

Crisp and gentle Tokyo air

Lonely fantasies, your specialty

Hope more

Grains of experience form islands of repetition

The sun on the other side of time

Reason vs Romance

Frequency receptors attuned to her sonic touch

Monet’s garden was prettier than his art

Lips and fingertips channel magic between mediums

Delicious reverie

Pulse train brain

Opening up the sensation limiter

Action removes obstacles

Each day, it becomes more habit than chore

Unconscious Orchestration

I can’t see the conductor but it sounds fantastic.

Occupy reality generation

Low-key high productivity

Skin collaboration

Mode set to chill

Transition artist

Intuition : Cognition :: GPU : CPU

Meta-cognitive nurturing

The varied paths between 0 and 1

Holograms of Panic and Calm

Who’s to say what is and isn’t real any more? You had asked to borrow my lab notes, here they are:

The wordbox on your shoulders

Immediate state change

The desire of elegant simplicty

Ornamental greeble

Having to open Schrödinger’s box yet again

Collapsing on autopilot


Allegorical experiments

Perseverance beyond all reason

A farewell before waking

Zoning out and tuning in

We’ve seen it all before

Skilled at eyecraft

Psychically clumsy

Oblique dramaturgies

Pure Acceleration

I’m in a weird limbo at the moment but I’m still broadcasting from the other side.

Thinking about thinking less

The oddest flower can be the most entrancing

Shocking deltas

Pump Up the Volume into the Abyss

Ship rips

Weeding out the misfires

Flesh piston

A spine on both sides

Idea farming

Quantum correctness

Choral integrity

Hidden bliss

Prismic gradients

Intolerable sensitivity

Drake and his equation

Dipping the tip

A mild winder

What’s the difference between sweet rain and slow motion?

Everything begins with the bass and the drums

Push Pins on a Spatiotemporal Map

Markers and snapshots of my progress across the territory

Delicate warming

Blind, chasing light

Fantasy and longing

And yet, for a dream of her attentive eye, you’d throw so many other dreams away

Rabbit tracks in the fresh snow

She was an idea junky with esoteric, refined knowledge

Blooming in my bloodstream

The loneliness engine

The impulse travels and the hand grabs

Expand your abilities on the periphery

Deadzones and dirtmaps

We exchanged exquisite glances and my cynicism died a little bit

Do You Remember?

Of course you do.

Chronal oasis

Potential ideals

Casting spells over email

Ladybug exits

Neglect signalling

Unity of intersecting light paths

More markers, more guides

Hormonal raceway

Cooling the hot lens

Extending the feeling indefinitely

The distant whisper of ancestry

The only goon in the room

Intentional alienation

Soft digital rejections

A playful essence

Tugging at the edges of personality’s shrinkwrap

Memories of a smile

Slippery Digits

Am I dreaming right now? Are you dreaming right now?

General elations

Manning the valve of perception

Soul capacitor

Living off of fumes

Gradient destinations in time

Reframing dread into a dance with anticipation

Calibrate your instrumentation

Witnesses on the other side

Becoming the Observer

Deposit slip from the Bank of Reality

Washing Up on Gelatin Coasts

I traded my map for instinct

How many roentgens, then?

Feeding the lion

Eyes dancing across one another in the listening booth

Don’t let him get his hopes up

Too-easily satisfied with theory

Touching delicate fingertips

The attraction matrix

Razor blades on fire

Fear and avoidance

Now accepting attention

Hidden knowledge and secret power

Vapor at the gates of the romantic void

Missing – but not missed – grudges

Spectral Threads

Loosening and fraying…

Paint chips floating on the surface of the lake

Intrepid attempts at joy

Unforgettable tactics

Stacking regimens

Natural lift

Piano gangs

I saw it and it didn’t matter

Localized reality

Chordal vision

P.D. Ouspensky as Jack Parsons

Starting a Fire in the Open Warehouse

Some kindling:

Crunch sunset

All pics from 2018

Chanting a spell

Soft aftershocks

More fuel for the flames from which to feed

Entropy Entropy Entropy Slack Slack Slack

Listening to air shifting in a room

Afternoon tea in the morning

Digital ceramics with digital glaze

A limerant virus

Outtakes with extra shapes

Reverse-engineering human purpose

A brisk dew alights the gentle gusts

Meeting Ivan Osokin in the mirror

Hello again, The Ache

Floating in the warm currents