Unconscious Orchestration

I can’t see the conductor but it sounds fantastic.

Occupy reality generation

Low-key high productivity

Skin collaboration

Mode set to chill

Transition artist

Intuition : Cognition :: GPU : CPU

Meta-cognitive nurturing

The varied paths between 0 and 1

Holograms of Panic and Calm

Who’s to say what is and isn’t real any more? You had asked to borrow my lab notes, here they are:

The wordbox on your shoulders

Immediate state change

The desire of elegant simplicty

Ornamental greeble

Having to open Schrödinger’s box yet again

Collapsing on autopilot


Allegorical experiments

Perseverance beyond all reason

A farewell before waking

Zoning out and tuning in

We’ve seen it all before

Skilled at eyecraft

Psychically clumsy

Oblique dramaturgies