5 AM Power in the Dark

The endless echoes that surrounded me led me to believe it was all a dream but also something desperately worth remembering upon waking.

Separate instances in the vault

Now and forevermore, coming soon

Some of that real-deal right-path shit

The extra layer of dazzle

Riding the dynamic vortex between The Sirens and Ulysses

The friction and grit of cosmic incoherence

My ticket to the hyperstation spoken of in Daydream Nation

All facets, all faces, across the arrow of time

The startup chime of father circuitry

I conjured you out of darkness to lay waste to this reality

Cantor Dust

Our progress report through the veil

Soft undulations of humming and focused breath

The subtle but mindful shift that finally brings it all into alignment

Twelve rudeboys say hi