5 AM Power in the Dark

The endless echoes that surrounded me led me to believe it was all a dream but also something desperately worth remembering upon waking.

Separate instances in the vault

Now and forevermore, coming soon

Some of that real-deal right-path shit

The extra layer of dazzle

Riding the dynamic vortex between The Sirens and Ulysses

The friction and grit of cosmic incoherence

My ticket to the hyperstation spoken of in Daydream Nation

All facets, all faces, across the arrow of time

The startup chime of father circuitry

I conjured you out of darkness to lay waste to this reality

Cantor Dust

Our progress report through the veil

Soft undulations of humming and focused breath

The subtle but mindful shift that finally brings it all into alignment

Twelve rudeboys say hi

The Finest Needle in the Haystack

Still searching but I did find some of these along the way…

Residual wreckage

The third choice for a shotgun assassin

Charisma behind shark eyes

Hunger for candied apples

Days of long thought

Directions dug up from the memory banks

Swimming atop fearsome depths

Interzone commute

The paths grown too wild to maintain

Puzzling flirtations over Fangoria

Structural integrity of sandcastles

Correct before collapse

Pizza stutter-step

Satiated but starved by dreams too small

The momentum to keep you aloft

Maximal efforts toward opening boxes and checking in on cats

Raw numbers

Bending reality with observation

The beautiful smile at the edge of oblivion

Days lost to malaise

Shifting computation to a more efficient domain

Translation along an axis

The calculatory system overlying everything

The untethered diving bell plumbing the depths of solitude with no intent to surface

Keeping the basket mesh free of debris

Indulging the ecstasy of destruction

Ridiculous but not pathetic

Follow the fractal down

Snuggle visions

Major Force Be With You

Major Force Be With You

This is a short documentary from Red Bull about the Japanese music/fashion/culture collective, Major Force. I’m pretty sure that the last time that I truly had hearts in my eyes for records was sometime in the late 90s at Ear-X-tacy when Mo Wax released the “Major Force – The Original Art-Form” vinyl box set.

There are English subtitles that may or may not be on by default.

Also check out:

Major Force West’s “93-97”

Tosh & Kudo were in Skylab with Howie B and Mat Ducasse, definitely check out

Skylab’s “#1”

but, above all,

Skylab’s “Oh!”

I vividly remember picking my copy of this off of the wall at Reckless Records in Chicago when it came out. Every time that I dust it off to play it, I can’t believe how good it is and how well it straddles the line of catchiness and challenging arty weirdness.

Patience, As They Say, Is a Virtue

Sooooo, while I’m definitely making some progress on getting my new site up and running, it’s definitely a work in progress. I figured that it was better to actually get something live and just deal with it than waiting for it to be perfect (which it will never be).