Major Force Be With You

Major Force Be With You

This is a short documentary from Red Bull about the Japanese music/fashion/culture collective, Major Force. I’m pretty sure that the last time that I truly had hearts in my eyes for records was sometime in the late 90s at Ear-X-tacy when Mo Wax released the “Major Force – The Original Art-Form” vinyl box set.

There are English subtitles that may or may not be on by default.

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Major Force West’s “93-97”

Tosh & Kudo were in Skylab with Howie B and Mat Ducasse, definitely check out

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but, above all,

Skylab’s “Oh!”

I vividly remember picking my copy of this off of the wall at Reckless Records in Chicago when it came out. Every time that I dust it off to play it, I can’t believe how good it is and how well it straddles the line of catchiness and challenging arty weirdness.