Mental Confetti

Streamer scraps I cleaned up off of the floor over the past week:

Bypassing that circuit of distraction

The language of insight

Slovenian sea salt

Drinking goal repellant

Physical tendencies

I got quite a bit out of it despite not liking it very much

Standing in front of your only source of light

It will have its uses in time

Body language confirmation bias

We twisted the knife together

Scheduled delays

Caught up in a turbulent wake

Today is yesterday is tomorrow

Totally not worth it for a fancy bust

Excitement cultivation

There is no assurance at all

Fun budget

Some external fount of wisdom that occasionally leaks brilliance into one’s skull

The drone’s unfettered access to queen bees

The oars of intention and perseverance

Babylon’s 7-day week

Massively comforting and thrilling at the same time

Long-term and low-yield but more effective than you’d think

The shared agreeance on a common perception

Maybe not much but a net positive for sure

Casting a net into the ocean of the mind

Delicious intricacies