Psychic Modulation

A handful of psychic modulators tossed in a bag:

Flatter and flatter, faster and faster

Separate or reinstate

Occult diseases that occur at high altitude

Sowing magnetic fields

The caged tiger

It just felt like a fact – a constant

The Dyad and the Demiurge

Letting go of the edge of the pool

Hunting life

Psychic callus

“Not just eternity, but infinity”

All caps, one at a time

It was ridiculous and fantastic

Waking the driver asleep at the wheel

Enjoying the distraction while returning to purpose

“The unmoved movers, if they were anywhere, were said to fill the outer void, beyond the sphere of fixed stars”

Wading in warm tides

Crude solutions


Super-floaty dream texting

I continued to return to the visualizations